June 3 Webinar - Staying Connected & Supported by WiLD Leaders

Presented by Dr. Daniel Hallak, WiLD Leaders

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Webinar Description: The research is clear. Relationships that provide social and emotional support provide powerful predictors of work and life success and well being, creating buffers for resiliency in high-pressure environments. We know that having other people around us matters but the disruption that our world has faced with COVID-19 has turned things upside down. Most people are struggling to catch up and get connected in meaningful ways. The connections that most people need go beyond the occasional virtual happy hour or text message string. We need different people for different reasons in different seasons.

This session will be an honest conversation about where you are right now and the type of support and connection that you need. We’ll focus on moving from a default support system to an intentional support system. You’ll leave with greater clarity about your relational needs for being your best when it matters most, for your sake and the sake of the people who you are responsible for investing in. Together, we’ll move from isolated to intentional.

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